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Top new questions this week:

How to set default wallpaper for virtual user?

I am logging in user as virtual user to Sitecore. For some reason default wallpaper for user is blue screen instead of default Sitecore field image. if I update wallpaper manually via dialog it save ...

user-management user-profile  
asked by Vlad 4 votes
answered by Tamás Tárnok 6 votes

ContentSearch Solr SendPostRequests settings throw exception

When is set setting ContentSearch.Solr.SendPostRequests to true, for searching in solr by post request because query is very big and Get not working, the next exception is thrown. Sitecore version ...

asked by John Vein 3 votes
answered by x3mxray 1 vote

Bounce 0 & Delivery 100% in EXM when that isn't true: need to edit a config?

I've read through others' issues and responses, but have not seen a reference to the config file, Sitecore.EDS.Providers.CustomSmtp.Sync.config. We have set up a pop3 server and checked collect ...

asked by Jennifer Rose 3 votes

Safe to delete Sitecore master/web old index after rebuild/swap?

We're using the Swap and Rebuild feature of Sitecore 9.1 when we need to rebuild our indexes for Azure Search. Occasionally, after the rebuild and swap is complete; Sitecore won't delete the old ...

indexing azure-search  
asked by Frank Rosario 2 votes

How to set up map component with SXA search?

I am trying to integrate search result with out of box SXA map component.For that-- I have created "address" template inheriting from IPOI template. Then I have created few address items under ...

asked by Sushil Pal 2 votes

Sitecore SXA Pass Through Field how to get actual Item?

If I want to render the image url in a data-attribute (lets assume the Image Field is called TeaserImage) I can render the Media URL by $(TeaserImage). So far so good. Now I have a reference field ...

asked by Bgl86 2 votes
answered by Gatogordo 1 vote

Reset data for a pattern card

I have an issue where a content author incorrectly tagged a lot of content with a specific pattern card. Now we need to reset anyone's profile who has that pattern card assigned. Does anyone know of ...

xdb experience-analytics personalization  
asked by Jaina Baumgartner 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

The property 'Name' cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists

While running the script on powershell (admin) as `Register-PSRepository -Name SitecoreGallery -SourceLocation ...

powershell sitecore-install-framework  
asked by Pradeep Gupta 1 vote
answered by Amitabh 3 votes

How to redirect to another page or sitecore item in MVC

I'm new to MVC and trying to achieve page redirection. User will click on "Sign-out" and should be redirected to the "sign-in" page. Here is my code. public ActionResult SignIn() { if ...

asked by Qwerty 6 votes
answered by Mark Cassidy 11 votes

"Could not deploy package" error while installing Sitecore 9 update 2 setup on Remote server

I am facing below issue while installing Sitecore 9 update 2 on my Azure VM server, which doesn’t have any Visual Studio or SQL Management Studio installed. Error states : ...

xconnect sitecore-install-framework installation  
asked by Abhishek 1 vote
answered by jrap 2 votes

Is there any easter egg in Sitecore?

I am just curious whether there is an easter egg - inside joke, hidden message (image) or secret feature - that you have found in Sitecore in various versions. Are there any? Easter egg -> ...

experience-editor content-editor experience-analytics  
asked by Peter Procházka 13 votes
answered by Jean-François L'Heureux 16 votes

How to configure caching for static resources in Sitecore

How can I enable caching for static resources such as CSS and JavaScript files in a Sitecore solution? I need these resources to have the following response header present: Cache-Control:public, ...

configuration caching  
asked by Matthew Dresser 6 votes
answered by Matthew Dresser 5 votes

How do you setup a 404 and 500 error page for missing files and media items?

When navigating to a url such as and you will either receive the IIS 404 Server Error message or a Sitecore document not found page. ...

asked by Michael West 64 votes
answered by Justin Laster 72 votes

AcquireRequestState causing slow page load times

We're currently doing some performance optomisation of our Sitecore 8.1 Website and one of the slowest operations were seeing in New Relic is AcquireRequestState. I've read around this quite a bit ...

performance-optimization session-state performance  
asked by Adam Seabridge 9 votes
answered by Richard Hauer 3 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Sitecore error "Server cannot modify cookies after HTTP headers have been sent."

I am trying to Insert a new form. When I am trying to select a placeholder for the form, following error is showing : when I had installed the WFFM, I went to "Restrict placeholder" and added my ...

sitecore-client wffm placeholders  
asked by Kautilya 1 vote

How can I add a new QA environment to existing Sitecore Azure Paas setup?

We have an existing Sitecore 9 setup in Azure Paas. It includes one CD and one CM server with no xDB. Now we're looking to add a new QA environment which will effectively be a copy of CM with its own ...

azure setup  
asked by shivam 1 vote

@Html.RenderFormStyles() and @Html.RenderFormScripts() on existing website

In the below thread, the solution for adding @Html.RenderFormStyles() and @Html.RenderFormScripts() in OuterLayout.cshtml was provided. If we have an already existing site and we want to add forms ...

asked by user6389 1 vote
answered by Dave Goosem 0 votes
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