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Top new questions this week:

What is the use of empty partial design, which comes by default in SXA

Whenever we create a new site in SXA, by default there is an Empty partial design gets created and there are no components added to it. What is the actual purpose of empty partial design? can we ...

asked by Gopikrishna Gujjula 3 votes

Enabling Local Cache on Sitecore Azure App Services

I've read the following article that says how to enable Local Cache option in the Azure ...

azure paas  
asked by Vinicius Deschamps 2 votes
answered by Vinicius Deschamps 1 vote

Automated index document merge complains about invalid index name but index names are valid

I get thousands of the following error in the minions log: 00007 09:21:07 ERROR AzureContextCommand.MergeOrUploadDocuments.Error: Message=Index name must only contain lowercase letters, digits or ...

sitecore-commerce indexing azure-search commerce-engine  
asked by lcaaroe 1 vote
answered by Andrei Paliakou 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Strange "Could not load type" error in Global.asax

I am trying to install a Sitecore site on a QA server and I am getting a very strange error that I can't figure out. Basically what I did was first a clean install of Sitecore 8.1. I verified that ...

deployment installation  
asked by Corey Burnett 1 vote
answered by Corey Burnett 1 vote

Component not showing as an option to add to a placeholder?

All my other components display as options to add when I click on my main placeholder in Experience Editor. However one component is not shown in the list and I can't see why. I've added it to the ...

experience-editor placeholders dynamic-placeholder  
asked by Adam Seabridge 10 votes
answered by Phil Burton 14 votes

Rebuilding link database: System.FormatException: Unrecognized Guid format

I'm trying to find the item that has a bad internal link that is causing this exception when rebuilding the link database: Job started: RebuildLinkDatabasesIndex|System.FormatException: ...

link-database admin-pages  
asked by Mark Gibbons 11 votes
answered by Mark Gibbons 10 votes

Install-SitecoreConfiguration : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Signer'. The "$_.HasPrivateKey -eq $true"

Following this article to install Sitecore, got this error on step 13, any idea? ...

sitecore-client sitecore-install-framework  
asked by Naveed 13 votes
answered by Mohit Dharmadhikari 21 votes

How to upload an image programmatically from URL

I have a task to upload an image into Sitecore's media library programmatically given the url to the image. How would I make this possible?

asked by Robert Michael Watson 13 votes
answered by Mark Cassidy 17 votes

When attempting to deploy, I get "Restricted from provisioning in this region"

When trying to deploy a basic Sitecore 9 XM (Single) Instance via the Azure Portal, I am getting a deployment failure. After looking at the logs, it seems it is related to the West US region I'm ...

azure deployment paas  
asked by Chirag Patel 3 votes
answered by Pete Navarra 3 votes

xConnect The HTTP response was not successful: Unauthorized

I'm trying to initialize a connection between a .NET Core application and an xConnect installation. I ran into the following error: An unhandled exception of type ...

asked by mark DE Jong 13 votes
answered by Jason St-Cyr 11 votes

Can you answer this question?

Why is JSS rendering items of template Sample Item but not of any other template?

I installed Sitecore JavaScript Services Server for Sitecore 9.3 XP 13.0.0 rev. 190924 in a 9.3 instance. I then created an item under Home using the /sitecore/templates/Sample/Sample Item template ...

jss layout-service  
asked by DougCouto 1 vote
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