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Top new questions this week:

Login with multiple Identity Providers at the same time

I've configured a custom Identity Provider based on this info: Unsuccessful ...

federated-authentication identity-server owin  
asked by Jeroen Breuer 2 votes
answered by Bas Lijten 2 votes

How to rename a sellable item in Sitecore Commerce

Is there any way to rename a sellable item in Commerce? I see that the Display Name can be changed, but don't see any way to modify the name? Is there some reason for this being disallowed?

sitecore-commerce commerce-catalog  
asked by Matthew Dresser 2 votes
answered by Alessandro Faniuolo 2 votes

Why can a commerce catalog not be shared between multiple websites

In a Sitecore Commerce solution, why can a Commerce catalog not be shared between multiple websites? Say I have two websites selling the same set of products in the same languages, but requiring some ...

sitecore-commerce commerce-catalog  
asked by Matthew Dresser 2 votes
answered by Andrei Paliakou 2 votes

Cannot query field \"search\" on type \"Query\"

My question is based on already asked question and can be found here Sitecore Filtering by Field Value on Query of GraphQL This question is marked as answered by @jan-bluemink but I am facing the ...

jss graphql layout-service  
asked by Arvind Gehlot 2 votes
answered by Jan Bluemink 3 votes

Can't switch between Final Layout and Shared Layout

I'm encountering a problem where I can't switch between Final Layout and Shared Layout in the Experience Editor. The button is not grayed out though. It just doesn't make the switch when selected. ...

experience-editor presentation sharedlayout finallayout  
asked by Brokenarrow 1 vote

XConnect Serilog Replacement

Our in house shop uses a homegrown logging library to centralize all of our application logs for reporting, searching, and support. XConnect comes equip with the Serilog out of box. Is there a way to ...

xconnect logging  
asked by Tyler.S 1 vote

Show Multiple Validation Failures Of The Same Type In Experience Editor

I have created a few custom field validators in Sitecore and I'm running into an issue when testing them in the experience editor. For each error, I only see one banner at a time showing a failed ...

experience-editor validation  
asked by c-bro 1 vote
answered by c-bro 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Adding a field to a custom SOLR index configuration

I am moving indexes from Lucene to Solr. Almost everything is working again, except a few custom indexes that have their own index configuration and had some field added to the fieldMap. Other custom ...

configuration solr  
asked by Gatogordo 7 votes
answered by Elena Zlateva 12 votes

What are PackageReferences and how will they help optimise the way I deal with NuGet packages?

With version 9.1, Sitecore changed their NuGet library to no longer include NoReferences versions of their assemblies. This is also mentioned in How do I reference Sitecore binaries from NuGet?. One ...

asked by Mark Cassidy 14 votes
answered by Richard Seal 23 votes

WAF support with Sitecore Experience Platform

We are looking for a Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution for our Sitecore CMS implementation, because we are an Azure shop we specifically wanted to use the WAF feature on the Azure AppGateway ...

azure security  
asked by Brett Larson 12 votes
answered by Tamas Varga Sitecore 15 votes

Accessing the Data Source of a Control

I have a control property with a data source pointing to a folder with items with fields. Is there a way to loop through the children of the item in the data source and display them on my view? In ...

asked by ADH 13 votes
answered by Corey Smith 22 votes

What is the difference between republish, smart publish and incremental publishes?

Does anyone know what the difference between the 3 main types of publishing in Sitecore are? I have the option to do a republish, incremental publish and a smart publish My understanding is that a ...

asked by Phil Burton 10 votes
answered by Kasaku 16 votes

How to check an item exists with powershell without raising an error?

In Sitecore Powershell extensions I can use If ( Get-Item ...) to return true if an item exists or false if it doesn't, but if the item isn't found then it outputs an error message as well. Is ...

asked by James Walford 9 votes
answered by prabhat 15 votes

How to configure caching for static resources in Sitecore

How can I enable caching for static resources such as CSS and JavaScript files in a Sitecore solution? I need these resources to have the following response header present: Cache-Control:public, ...

configuration caching  
asked by Matthew Dresser 6 votes
answered by Matthew Dresser 5 votes
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