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Top new questions this week:

Sitecore Commerce installation fails in Docker

Using - Sitecore.Commerce.Container.SDK.2.0.159 We were able to successfully install Sitecore XP 10.1 in docker on our local machine running on Windows 10 64-bit. However, when we tried to install ...

sitecore-commerce installation docker container  
asked by Qwerty 2 votes
answered by Alessandro Faniuolo 3 votes

Add item created custom field to Solr

I am adding the Item created field to Solr index. This is the code public override object ComposeValue(object source, ConcurrentDictionary<string, object> context) { ...

sitecore-commerce sitecore-commerce-catalog  
asked by Owais Ahmed 1 vote
answered by Vlad Iobagiu 0 votes

How to create a variant of Image Rendering Variant in SXA that can render image in svg format

I need to render a image in SVG format on my site. I want to create another rendering variant of the SXA Image Rendering Variant, so that the image is rendered as SVG. With the current Image Rendering ...

asked by Renuka 1 vote
answered by Michael West 3 votes

How to get user's geolocation

Using Sitecore 10.1 Xdb.Enabled & Xdb.Tracking.Enabled values are set to true and the layout file has - @Html.Sitecore.VisitorIdentification(). The following values are null. var country = ...

asked by Qwerty 1 vote
answered by Trayek 2 votes

Federated Auth Sitecore Editor and Public site without Identity Server

Sitecore 9.3 I have Okta federated auth working great on the public site. But I am trying to get the sitecore editors to log in, I can never get access for their users. Does Sitecore require a ...

asked by Chris Auer 1 vote
answered by Chris Auer 1 vote

Optimization tab is missing from Sitecore Experience Editor Ribbon

I see that this Optimization tab (in screenshot) is missing from my Sitecore Experience Editor Ribbon. I checked and Xdb is enabled and working fine. Can somebody suggest what can be the reason for ...

experience-editor experience-optimization  
asked by arun tiwari 1 vote
answered by Peter Procházka 1 vote

Sitecore 9.3 Federated authentication - idp claim is missing Parameter name: identity

I am working on adding SAML federated authentication to my sitecore site. I am follwing the instructions given here I can see the claims being returned. But when creating the external user, I am ...

asked by Anirudh 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Sitecore 9 Installation error "Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'Signer' during CreateSignedCert : NewSignedCertificate step

I am trying to install Sitecore 9 in my Windows 10 box. At first attempt, it was failed with this exception After some modification, I re-executed Sitecore install script. This time, i came across ...

asked by Arvind Gehlot 12 votes
answered by Kieranties 14 votes

How to redirect to another page or sitecore item in MVC

I'm new to MVC and trying to achieve page redirection. User will click on "Sign-out" and should be redirected to the "sign-in" page. Here is my code. public ActionResult SignIn() { if (Sitecore....

asked by Qwerty 6 votes
answered by Mark Cassidy 13 votes

Accessing the Data Source of a Control

I have a control property with a data source pointing to a folder with items with fields. Is there a way to loop through the children of the item in the data source and display them on my view? In ...

asked by ADH 13 votes
answered by Corey Smith 25 votes

How do I configure Sitecore to serve multiple sites?

I want to configure my instance of Sitecore to respond with different sites at different urls. How can I do this?

configuration multisite multitenancy  
asked by Kyle Trauberman 11 votes
answered by Kyle Trauberman 18 votes

Error when rebuilding a Solr index: unknown field '__display_name_t_cs'

I am getting this error when trying to rebuild my master index in Solr: Job started: Index_Update_IndexName=sitecore_master_index_solr|#Exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: ...

asked by ADH 7 votes
answered by Dmytro Shevchenko 11 votes

the selected version will not be visible on the Web site because it has been replaced by an older version

We have a 2 step workflow i.e draft and final. We notice the warning message below on any item when trying to edit If you publish now, the selected version will not be visible on the Web site ...

security workflow  
asked by Nil Pun 5 votes
answered by scFootsteps 11 votes

How to become a Sitecore MVP?

The Sitecore MVP program is mentioned everywhere. What factors do Sitecore consider for MVPs, and how would I go about working to become one myself? And what is the process?

community mvp  
asked by Tamas Varga Sitecore 39 votes
answered by Tamas Varga Sitecore 36 votes

Can you answer this question?

Sitecore forms with Sitecore jss(Angular app)

I am trying to use sitecore forms with Jss angular app, I find this on github and trying to use it in my app the form is rendered successfull. but ...

asked by shimaa elsayed 1 vote
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