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Moderator Agreement

In order to access the ♦ moderator functions, our volunteer community moderators must review and accept the moderator agreement, below. If the agreement changes, existing moderators will be required to accept the new terms to maintain their access.

The terms of the agreement

I acknowledge and agree that as a volunteer moderator on Stack Overflow and/or Stack Exchange sites owned by Stack Exchange, Inc.:

  • I will abide by the current Code of Conduct (which is a part of this agreement), and enforce it to the best of my ability.
  • I will abide by the current Terms of Service of Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites (which are part of this agreement).
  • I will abide by the Privacy Policy.
  • I will abide by all other officially announced moderator and user policies made available to me.
  • I will accept additional guidance given by members of the Stack Exchange, Inc. Community Team and Senior Leadership Team, whether in response to questions, concerns or discussions regarding existing network-wide policies.
  • I acknowledge that I have access to additional personally-identifying information about Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange users as a moderator. Some of this information may be subject to GDPR and other privacy rules. In connection with my access to and/or use of Moderator-privileged personally identifying information:

    • I will use such information solely in accordance with the terms of this moderator agreement and other policies, instructions and procedures Stack Exchange, Inc. provides to moderators.
    • I will not disclose or share this information with anyone that is not a moderator or employee of Stack Exchange, Inc.
    • I will not store or copy this information for any reason other than communications with other moderators or employees of Stack Exchange, Inc.
    • I will only use such information in connection with performance as a moderator and for the benefit of Stack Exchange, Inc.
  • I grant permission to Stack Exchange, Inc. to contact me about moderator-relevant content during my tenure as a moderator.

I acknowledge and agree that I am an independent volunteer moderator for one or more sites operated by Stack Exchange, Inc. and I am not an employee, agent or representative of Stack Exchange, Inc., and I have no authority to bind Stack Exchange, Inc. in any manner and I am solely responsible for my statements and actions. I attest that my statements and posts do not represent the views, opinions or actions of Stack Exchange, Inc.

Stack Exchange, Inc. reserves the right to suspend or terminate my privileges as a moderator at any time without warning in the event Stack Exchange, Inc. determines I have violated any of these terms. Whenever possible, moderator removal will follow Stack Exchange, Inc.’s moderator removal processes. I will be informed via written communication of the specific reason that I have been terminated. I have the option to appeal termination through the moderator reinstatement and appeal process.

Stack Exchange, Inc. agrees that it will:

  • Respect your privacy per the terms of the Privacy Policy for the Public Network.
  • Get your explicit written permission before commenting to any media (including media outlets controlled by Stack Exchange Inc.) or independent reporters about you or your moderator actions as per our Press Policy.
  • Allow you to resign your position for any reason without penalty or repercussions. As a volunteer, Stack Exchange, Inc. respects your time and will release you from duty should you ask.
  • Operate “Stack Gives Back”, an annual program giving to selected charities in honor of our moderators.
  • Post previews for review of all new official policies in the Moderators Teams instance with the policy tag, marked with links to their public version once published, and maintain a listing of all official network-wide policies with links to them in the Help Center.
  • Announce changes to the moderator agreement no less than sixty days before the deadline to accept the new agreement with a period of at least thirty days for discussion and review.
  • Provide support for your questions, requests and concerns on the Moderators Teams instance and/or the Teachers’ Lounge, direct email to CMs, and content on Meta escalated to staff by whatever formal documented process is in effect at the time.
  • Respect your right to speak openly to question and challenge policy without reprisal so long as such speech does not break the Code of Conduct.