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Automatic asset replacement at a fixed time

We want to schedule an automatic asset (graphic, text etc) replacement. Here is my plan that makes the purpose also clear.

I want a particular image to get automatically replaced at midnight on certain days (say Dec 25, Jan 1).

I plan to create 3 versions of the images (1=current, 2=Christmas, 3=New Year). I will set the publish and unpublish dates for each version.

How do I setup things so that the version 2 of the image goes live at midnight on Dec 25 and replaces the version 1 of the image. Similarly, on Jan 1st, the version 3 should go live and replace version 2.

Concerns: 1. We need to arrange for self-publishing of the assets at that time.

  1. Do we need to republish the pages using this image also? (There are about 100).


  1. I do not care about the exact time for the publish. So a few seconds early or late won't matter much.

Can you please advise a solution or point me to some resource? Thanks in advance!