I am looking to create reusable container section with promo rendering variants. This section should include multiple variant rendering. For example, a section with partners logo which I can reuse through out the site.

What is the best approach? Partial Design, Reusable components (rich text/HTML)??, or snippet? page content? or anything else. Thank you

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Partial Designs

You can use the partial design for the outer sections. like grey section containers, read section containers and black section containers. Those are constant ones. Read more at:



Rest of the part which is static one and repeatable on multiple pages, you can create snippets. There are 3 configurations for the snippets. you can find here:


Unassinged Datasources

For those Rendering Variants that contains the rendering parameters coming from page level, for example ( page content component ), you can set the data source for those components to empty and assign the parameter in the rendering variant. you can check more details on:


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