Has anyone faced this issue, while installing the Helixbase for Sitecore 9 update 1? The builds are successful with no errors. Publishing all projects task with gulp also works fine. but still I am facing this issue.

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Before you proceed with setting up Helixbase or Habitat solution, make sure your sitecore instance is working fine and you have followed all the steps given in installation guide.

Yesterday I have installed Sitecore 9.0.1 update 1 and setup Helixbase solution from github on top of it which is working fine.

Your error seems to be related to paths you have specified. Please check following configuration files, I have provided some details of attributes which should correct according to your setup.


  • sourceFolder: Provide the path of your source code location
  • rootHostName: Provide correct hostname, if your sitecore instance has hostname other than the default one i-e 'helixbase'.


  • targetHostName: In the site configuration tag, make sure to remove 'demo.' from targetHostName="demo.$(rootHostName)" attribute only if your site is not hosted with subdomain as 'demo'.

Once the above configurations are correct then run the gulp tasks and make sure that you get the status as 'Process terminated with code 0.' which means task ran without any issue.

If you have followed above correctlty then your helixbase should work without any issue.

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