When trying to rebuild path analyzer from historical data the following error appears in log file:

    16916 2016:09:21 08:50:19 ERROR [Path Analyzer] BuildMapAgent failed
Exception: MongoDB.Driver.MongoCommandException
Message: Command 'count' failed: not authorized on config to execute command { count: "chunks", query: { ns: "usd_analytics.Interactions" } } (response: { "ok" : 0.0, "errmsg" : "not authorized on config to execute command { count: \"chunks\", query: { ns: \"usd_analytics.Interactions\" } }", "code" : 13 })
Source: MongoDB.Driver
   at MongoDB.Driver.Operations.CommandOperation`1.Execute(MongoConnection connection)
   at MongoDB.Driver.MongoCollection.RunCommandAs[TCommandResult](IMongoCommand command, ReadPreference readPreference, IBsonSerializer resultSerializer, IBsonSerializationOptions resultSerializationOptions)
   at MongoDB.Driver.MongoCollection.RunCommandAs[TCommandResult](IMongoCommand command, ReadPreference readPreference)
   at MongoDB.Driver.MongoCollection.Count(CountArgs args)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Processing.Tasks.MongoDbSequenceFactory2.CreateInteractionSequence(InteractionHistoryRangeDefinition range)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Processing.Tasks.MongoDbSequenceFactory2.GetSequence[TKey](ObjectRangeDefinition range)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Processing.Internals.SchedulerFactory.InitializeScheduler[TWorkItem](Guid taskId, ObjectRangeDefinition range)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Processing.TaskManager.StartDistributedProcessing[TWorkItem](ObjectRangeDefinition query, DistributedWorker`1 worker, TaskOptions options)
   at Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.Processing.Agents.BuildMapAgent.ScheduleRebuild(List`1 definitions)

Any ideas of how to solve this error?

  • Do you have any more information to help identify the error here? What have you looked at so far to debug this?
    – Richard Seal
    Sep 21, 2016 at 14:47
  • Yogesh Patel solution solved my issue. Sep 21, 2016 at 15:07

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Are you using shared database user for mongoDB? Make sure to grant it read rights.

Refer: https://blog.horizontalintegration.com/2015/04/09/sitecore-8-xdb-using-shared-users-on-mongodb/


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