Is there an SXA component that supports a rendering variant that can pull data from a multilist field?

In Sitecore SXA 1.4, I want to allow editors to select from a multilist of simple items (text and icon, not a page). I have tried using a Page List with the datasource set to an item that contains a multilist. I changed the Source Type of the rendering to "Items of the same template" but it displayed and empty in the page.

I've been recommended to use item queries, but I don't understand where to apply that. Any help much appreciated.

My alternative is to extend an existing SXA component, but my request isn't particularly complicated.

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Wrote a blog on that here: https://ggullentops.blogspot.be/2017/04/sitecore-sxa-pagelist-item-query.html

Steps to take:

  1. Create an item query that will fetch your data (the items with text and icon)
  2. Create a variant for the PageList component to display the fields you want displayed
  3. Create your PageList component: select the variant you just created and in the Source Type you should find the item query you defined in step 1.

The item query part is explained in detail here as well.

Other Solution is by using reference in rendering variant you can access Multilist field values. enter image description here

Provide the reference field Value and then you select your multilist value, after that you can able to access all the fields to render on the page. enter image description here

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    For Getting data from Multilist field, you can use reference type in rendering variant. it will allow you to access Multilist item values.
    – Gagan
    Commented 2 days ago

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