We are using Sitecore 9.0 and are currently investigating SXA multisites posibilities.

Our dream scenario would be like this :

  • One tenant
  • severals sites, siteA, siteB etc.
  • each site uses same host header, f.ex. mysite.com
  • each site has different virtual folder , sitea, siteb etc.
  • sites would live in this urls : https://mysite.com/sitea, https://mysite.com/siteb etc.

Is this scenario possible with SXA?

The idea is that IIS configuration (site + host header) would be done once, and adding extra sites would only be done in Sitecore.

Right now we can not get this to work.

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Absolutely, it is possible.

ISS binding -> mysite.com

Example site configuration enter image description here

I think you might have problems with sites order. Open Sxa Site Manager enter image description here

And make sure that you order them correctly (if there is any site on the top that has * binding, none of the sites below will be considered during site resolution)

So basically eliminate conflicts

Example conflict

To solve this, site int should be first as it a has a virtual folder but SiteA not enter image description here

  • Hi This was exactly what I needed. Apr 13, 2018 at 15:03

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