While troubleshooting issues with the Experience Profile results on a 9.0.1 recently installed instance (PaaS), I've noticed the below setting on Sitecore.ExperienceProfile.config.

<!-- Name of Sitecore search index that is used for contact search. -->
<searchIndex name="sitecore_analytics_index" />

Would this be something you'd expect on 9? I thought that index had been replaced by the xConnect's search xdb index. Did I get that wrong?

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You are correct, this is no longer an index in Sitecore 9. It has been replaced by the xDB collection index.

This is probably a left-over setting that was missed.

Per the latest documentation:

In 9.0, the following indexes are no longer managed by Sitecore Content Search:

  • sitecore_list_index - replaced by the xDB collection index
  • sitecore_analytics_index - replaced by the xDB collection index

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