I have an issue with a custom value mapping set.


  • Sitecore.NET 9.0.1 (rev. 171219)
  • Data Exchange Framework 2.0.1

Installed packages:

  1. Data Exchange Framework SDK 2.0.1
  2. Sitecore Provider for Data Exchange Framework 2.0.1(to store items in Sitecore)

My goal is to read list of entities from web service and create/update items in Sitecore. Decided to use data mapping in the code.

  1. Custom Value Mapping Set
  2. Converter
  3. Mapping Set Class
  4. Using in a Pipeline Step

I just followed the manual, but didn't configure any mappings. In addition, added couple Value Accessors(Property and Sitecore ones) which are used to specify the unique field/property in "Resolve Product Item Step".

I received following messages when I tried to run Pipeline Batch(manually). I receive the same error for each entity(I have 5 ones). I can reach constructor of the converter in the debug mode, but I can't reach the constructor of a mapping set.

Will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

  • Does "SupportedId" (point 2) correspond item template ID of "Product Value Mapping Set" (point 1) ?
    – Vlad Shpak
    Commented May 4, 2018 at 10:18
  • Hi Vlad. Yep, it corresponds screencast.com/t/r4KjWUgs. Otherwise, I think, I couldn't reach the breakpoint in the Converter.
    – Max
    Commented May 4, 2018 at 10:39
  • 1
    Just for the test. Can you change (point 2) BaseItemModelConverter<ProductValueMappingSet> to BaseItemModelConverter<IMappingSet>?
    – Vlad Shpak
    Commented May 4, 2018 at 10:46
  • Hm, it seems it helped, at least I have another error atm. screencast.com/t/qfoWlFMm Also, I changed not only the base class declaration: screencast.com/t/ntAnGUmVfXLE I wonder what should we have instead of Not Implemented collection? public ICollection<IMapping> Mappings => throw new NotImplementedException(); I just used the provided example.
    – Max
    Commented May 4, 2018 at 11:09
  • 1
    In (point 3) you have Mappings => throw new NotImplementedException() but in (point 4) "ApplyMappingStepProcessor" checks if "Mappings == null" and writes the error to the log. Try set empty collection.
    – Vlad Shpak
    Commented May 4, 2018 at 11:33

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Vlad Shpak helped me to solve the issue.

Following was changed in the example(from the documentation)

  1. Converter was changed
  2. Initialization of Mappings property in class which implements IMappingSet:

    public ICollection<IMapping> Mappings => new List<IMapping>();
  3. Decided to use SitecoreItemFieldWriter(Sitecore.DataExchange.Providers.Sc.DataAccess.Writers) instead of PropertyValueWriter.

    private static IValueWriter valueWriter1 = new SitecoreItemFieldWriter("ID");
    private static IValueWriter valueWriter2 = new SitecoreItemFieldWriter("Title");

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