I would like to see my app when I go to my local root URL (in anonymous mode).

I deleted the Home website from the admin. So currently I have this tree:

Sitecore Tree

my-app.config looks like this:

my app config

However, when I go to my URL I have this error: "The layout for the requested document was not found"

How can I do, to have /sitecore/content/my-app/home as my homepage ?


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  1. Make sure you hostname matches your IIS binding.
  2. When you click on preview, make sure you selected sitecore/content/my-app/home item and not sitecore/content/my-app/
  • Thanks Mohamed ! I changed my hostname to hostName="vue.jss" (same as my URL). And, now I can enjoy my app :) – tomagladiator May 14 at 18:18
  • 2
    FWIW if you want it to be the default homepage for any binding, remove hostName entirely and you'll get it. – Kam Figy May 14 at 20:21

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