I want to add svg icons in the footer with links <sc-link>, how can i do that?

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What you are looking for is a way to provide an image (svg, png, jpeg...) wrapped in a link, like a Facebook icon.

I think you need create a new component : "link-image" with values from sc-link and others from sc-image ( src, alt, title, target ).

In your components/link-image.vue

      :src="fields.image.value.src" >

 export default {
   name: 'LinkImage',
   props: {
     fields: {
       type: Object,
       default: () => ({}),

In your sitecore/definitions/components/LinkImage.sitecore.js

import { addComponent, CommonFieldTypes, SitecoreIcon } from '@sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-manifest';

export default (manifest) => {
  addComponent(manifest, {
    name: 'LinkImage',
    displayName: 'Link Image',
    icon: SitecoreIcon.Airbrush,
    fields: [
      { name: 'link', type: CommonFieldTypes.GeneralLink },
      { name: 'image', type: CommonFieldTypes.Image }

In your src/app/componentFactory.js Add

import LinkImage from './components/link-image.vue';

components.set('LinkImage', LinkImage);

In your data/routes/en.json:

    "componentName": "LinkImage",
    "fields": {
      "link": {
        "value": {
          "href": "https://www.google.com",
          "title": "Google",
          "target": "_blank",
          "class": ""
      "image": {
        "value": {
          "src": "/assets/img/google-logo.svg",
          "alt": "Google"
  • Note that this won't be editable in the Sitecore experience editor (but it will work fine in disconnected mode). Use of the JSS-provided field rendering helpers is needed to support experience editor. Support for link bodies using those is coming in the next release.
    – Kam Figy
    Commented May 29, 2018 at 14:36
  • @kamFigy, I tested it and it's editable in Experience Editor. Because I define my types ( GeneralLink and Image ) I can change the link and the image in edit mode. Commented May 30, 2018 at 10:47

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