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I have a component : data/component-content/Footer-nav With an ID : ID__footer-nav

I can link all my pages to this component perfectly:

"PH__footer": [
        "id": "ID__footer-nav"

Nevertheless, if I create a new placeholder inside this component

<placeholder name="PH__footer-col" :rendering="rendering" />

and add data in my Footer-nav/en.json, I have this error in my console.log:

#Placeholder 'PH__footer-col' was not found in the current rendering data
  "uid": "{3FC3DAE1-AA1D-5D7E-997D-9AB58DFFE0F9}",
  "componentName": "FooterNav",
  "dataSource": "available-in-connected-mode",
  "params": {},
  "fields": {
      #(... I hide them for clarity ...)
  • My data are in my manifest
  • If I put my data in routes/en.json (bellow the ID) instead of routes/component-content/Footer-nav/en.json, I have not this problem.

Any ideas ?


  • Can you share the JSON returned by the disconnected layout service (devtools network tab in the browser)? I just tried this on the latest Vue sample (using YAML routes, but should be equivalent source data) by changing the name of the main placeholder to PH__footer-col in the route file and the App.vue and it worked ok for me. – Kam Figy May 29 at 14:15
  • Also, check that the placeholder data makes it to the /sitecore/manifest/sitecore-import.json file when you run jss manifest -c - that can diagnose further whether the issue is in manifest data generation, or the disconnected layout service that pulls data from that manifest. – Kam Figy May 29 at 14:17
  • I have edited my Question to add more details and I can confirm that ma placeholder data are in my manifest, so I think the issue is from the disconnected layout service. For information my placeholders are nested like this : PH__footer > PH__footer-col – tomagladiator May 30 at 11:04
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Based on a Slack conversation just now, the issue here was that the expectation was that using an ID reference to pull in a shared component content would also pull in child layout.

ID references in a route are shared content references, but do not support child placeholders within the ID-referenced component (i.e. you cannot define placeholders on something in /data/component-content).

Placeholders can be defined on the route item that refers to the shared content item under the ID reference, e.g.:

- id: component-shared-id
    - id: footer-shared-1
  • Thanks, it's works for me but of course, I need to create a lot of folders because each link in my footer-nav is a component inside a placeholder, inside a component, inside a placeholder, inside a component... – tomagladiator Jun 1 at 17:23

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