I am having some performance issues with XC9, when I check the log file it contains many entries like:

79 16:57:42 INFO Core.MemCache.CE.Miss.ContentItem: ItemKey=Entity-ContentItem-d14d0772-6dc3-4e48-ae96-f8b8cb8a8887
69 16:57:42 INFO Management.block.getitembyid.d14d0772-6dc3-4e48-ae96-f8b8cb8a8887: Language=en

I have a caching policy for Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Content.ContentItem of type #Sitecore.Commerce.Core.Caching.EntityMemoryCachingPolicy.

I am using the Shops Environment.

Any thoughts?

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ContentItem are apparently not cached by the Content-Item cache, but by the ManagementCachePolicy. I added the following cache policy:

        "$type": "Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Management.ManagementCachePolicy, Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Management",
        "AllowCaching": true,
        "Expiration": 3600000

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