I want to share authority to read content with another system. When contents are published to the public site, we create processing to output the data to the database.

Is there a way to catch only if you include a change in the __Security field?

It was possible to catch the item updated by the item:saved event. I am in trouble because I do not know which field was changed.

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You can use item:saving event.

You can compare the original and the new item there, e.g.:

private static List<string> FindDifferences(Item newItem, Item originalItem)

    IEnumerable<string> fieldNames = newItem.Fields.Select(f => f.Name);

    return fieldNames
        .Where(fieldName => newItem[fieldName] != originalItem[fieldName])

protected void OnItemSaving(object sender, EventArgs args)
  Item newItem = Event.ExtractParameter(args, 0) as Item;

  if (newItem == null || newItem.Database.DataManager.GetWorkflowInfo(newItem) == null)

  Item originalItem = 
    newItem.Database.GetItem(newItem.ID, newItem.Language, newItem.Version);

  var differences = FindDifferences(newItem, originalItem);

  // your code here

and register

    <event name="item:saving">
      <handler type="My.Assembly.Namespace.MyEventHandler,
        My.Assembly" method="OnItemSaving" />

Please be aware that in some cases saving of the item can be intercepted so not necessarily your changes will be saved.

Long time ago I wrote a blog post about tracking history of item changes https://www.cognifide.com/our-blogs/sitecore/tracking-history-of-item-fields-changes-in-sitecore - I copied code from there.


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