We changed the password complexity for users using a


property, it works fine but how can we inform the user about the format of password needed. For example if the user need to change his password and he didn't know the regex he can't spend a lot of time without founding the best password format.

By default sitecore display this message

enter image description here

and if we create a new user also the error message didn't give any information's about the needed password format

enter image description here

How can we customize these error messages?

We are using sitecore 8.2 with SXA1.4


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This message is a dictionary entry in the core database in Sitecore.

Go to Sitecore Desktop, switch to core database and find the item:

Path: /sitecore/system/Dictionary/F/Failed to set the password Possible reasons are 1 The old password is incorrect 2 The new p_1

ID: {098CF1DA-CF18-412A-9EE9-A82E14BA3731}

Enter any Phrase value you want:

Sitecore Failed to set the password dictionary entry

I did test it and it worked:

enter image description here

Be aware that:

  • There are 2 items with similar names. Make sure you edit the correct one.
  • You should not change the key - only set the Phrase field value.
  • HI @Marek thank you for your return. I checked this item but changing the Phrase value didn't changed the message displayed. I found the message displayed for adding a new user and by changing this item "/sitecore/system/Dictionary/T/The password is invalid" I saw my changes. Did you have any idea about this issue. Thanks
    – user1032
    Commented Jun 28, 2018 at 17:03
  • Hi, I tested it and it works on my laptop (see screenshots above). There are 2 items with similar names - make sure you edit the correct one and that you only edit the Phrase field, not Key.
    – Marek Musielak
    Commented Jun 29, 2018 at 6:31

Hi @Marek thank you it works fine, I don't know why the first time I didn't seen my changes. Just notice that for me it's not the same GUID {5BB66CB4-F2BC-E08E-9563-28194D5C9779}

For adding a new user with User Manger if you want to change the password error message located here

"/sitecore/system/Dictionary/T/The password is invalid"

enter image description here

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