I've set up Sitecore XP 8.2 update 7 via SIM and I am following steps in

http://commercesdn.sitecore.net/SitecoreCommerce/DeploymentGuide/en-us/index.html#Concepts/c_SC_SetUpCommerceServerSite.html To setup Sitecore Commerce.

After setting Sitecore Commerce Server, when I try to run Sitecore.Reference.Storefront.Powered.by.SitecoreCommerce.10.0.xxx.update package again, I get an error while accessing the site as follows:

 "Error: failure in catalog resolve, hr: -2147483326"

Sitecore logs don't show any details. However, Windows event logs show following errors:

  1. Error: failure in catalog resolve, hr: -2147483326
  2. Catalog Load failed catalog: Profile Definitions (-2147483326)
  3. DataSource::Init(DS-1-Profile Definitions) failed on catalog load (-904429548)
  4. In BindArgs::OpenDataSrc(), failed initializing data source (-904429548)

Can someone suggest any resolutions for this error?



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