In my Sitecore (8.2.u7) instance I have 2 websites that share the same images. For this reason, I have setup Media.MediaLinkServerUrl e.g. cdn.mysite.com. This will also help me to integrate with an external CDN provider.

I have also created a virtual Directory named "MediaCache" inside \App_Data\ that points to a local path. (for internal reasons)


I want to setup both sites to use the same cache folder e.g. \App_data\MediaCache\Common


I tried with the following settings:

  • (Sitecore setting) Media.CacheFolder = "/App_Data/MediaCache"
  • (site) mediaCachePath = "/App_Data/MediaCache/Common"

But the result was the images to be stored under a "website" folder that actually points to the default "website" Sitecore site. ("/App_data/MediaCache/website")

The only thing I can think is that because I have specified an url for the media library items and there is no relevant site for them, then they are stored under the default website.


Is this true or I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance,

  • While we don't have an external CDN or use a virtual directory we're using mediaCachePath="/App_Data/MediaCache/SharedFolder" in our site configs to share media caching between sites on 8.2, so you might need a support ticket from Sitecore May 28 '19 at 13:26

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