I need programmatically import catalog from 3rd party service to Sitecore Commerce 9. I can create Catalog, Category and SellableItem. I can add related product for SellableItem, but I couldn't get a list of already added related products for my SellableItem.

How can I get list of related products for SellableItem?

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Retrieve related products for 6042069 sellable item:

var id = "relatedproduct-6042069";
var findResult = this._findEntitiesInListPipeline.Run(new FindEntitiesInListArgument(typeof(Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Catalog.SellableItem), id, 0, 100), context.ContextOptions).Result;
var result = findResult.List.Items;

Where _findEntitiesInListPipeline is IFindEntitiesInListPipeline

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