I created an item TestComponent-1 under my Test route.

sitecore tree

This is the display of my TestComponent-1

test route

Now I navigate to my Test2 route through experience editor and add TestComponent-1 item. This is the result

test2 route

My question is : Can we reuse item in different routes?

  • If yes : How to do it?
  • If no : Why I was able to add TestComponent-1 to Test2 route without any errors? The behavior I expected was that the TestComponent-1 moved from Test route to Test2 route

Maybe there is a key concept that I didn't understand, if so please explain



You can share content between components using ID references.

These let you:

  • Assign a unique ID to a piece of shared content (in component-content or content, usually)
  • Refer to that ID from another piece of content, as a datasource or referenced item

Here's an example of referring to content by ID in the Angular sample: https://github.com/Sitecore/jss/blob/cda6450b024d8fa801f88d0dac31ab335ab9ec06/samples/basic-sample-angular/data/routes/en.yaml#L31

And defining the content by ID: https://github.com/Sitecore/jss/blob/cda6450b024d8fa801f88d0dac31ab335ab9ec06/samples/basic-sample-angular/data/component-content/Welcome/SharedWelcome/en.yaml#L2

This assumes you're working in disconnected mode and importing the app to Sitecore. If you're defining your items within Sitecore, then there's nothing special JSS-wise and you can refer to datasource items from anywhere.

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