The basic-sample-react-native project comes with the data routes setup in a JSON file. Can you tell me what the steps are for using a YAML file instead?

I swapped out the JSON file for a valid YAML file and changed the routeData path within dataService.disconnected.js. There must be another configuration step somewhere though, as that did not work for me.

  • Because of the experimental nature of react-native in JSS, the react-native sample is not up-to-date with the same patterns/practices as the other framework samples (React, Angular, Vue). I'll make note to look into updating the react-native sample as much as is realistic. Many of the disconnected mode features of the other samples are not possible for react-native. – Adam Weber Jul 25 '18 at 15:20

As YAML is a superset of JSON, any valid JSON is also valid YAML.

However, if you're looking for idiomatic YAML just run the JSON through a converter like https://www.json2yaml.com/

  • I think I'm trying to go the opposite direction of what you mentioned. I have JSON already, but I'd like to use YAML. Since YAML is not valid JSON, I don't think I can just swap out. Based on Adam's comment above, it sounds like the react-native sample just can't do YAML at the moment. Is that correct? – The Chad Jul 27 '18 at 15:51

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