I am having issues trying to get my content to appear on my external site (http://fxmtesternetrafael.azurewebsites.net) using FXM. I see 200 beacon responses but the eventual MatchesElements is [] blank.


I am using the experience editor within FXM and I keep getting the following warning which might the root of my issues:

This page is in undefined. You are currently creating items in English. Change language to 'undefined'

enter image description here

I have tried troubleshooting wise publishing at all levels and making sure I have the right selectors but when I add the language rules advised here FXM External Site Not Showing Added Component I started seeing the undefined language warning. Help :(

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Ah my issue was that the Sitecore site I was using to manage FXM was behind my corporate Internet and was blocking building the appropriate response back to my external site.

When I used a Sitecore site that was exposed out to the Internet then everything works as intended.

Sigh I spent to much time on that!

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