For some reasons, I need to compare a Node configuration between one version of Sitecore Experience Commerce and another version.

Let's say I have only installed SXC 8.2.1 Update 2 and I haven't installed SXC 8.2.1 Update 3.

How can I check the Node Configuration of that 8.2.1 Update 3 just from the package before it is installed (e.g. in Sitecore.Commerce.8.2.1_U3_1.3.7)?

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You could use the SDK that ships with the Product to achieve this. If you open up the Customer.Sample.Solution.sln

Then you could run the Engine project called Sitecore.Commerce.Engine

It wont run successfully as you don't have the DB's etc installed, but it should be enough to generate the NodeConfiguration output to disk

  • Thanks for your response, Rob. I did that but didn't see any NodeConfigurationXXX.log. Could you please let me know the format of the output file (e.g. name and extension) and the directory path?
    – xdrnc
    Commented Sep 6, 2018 at 16:34
  • I've just attempted this locally and the NodeConfiguration file was generated to disk. It would be located at: <<SDK_LOCATION>>\src\Sitecore.Commerce.Engine\wwwroot\logs It will be called NodeConfiguration_Deployment01_<<GUID>>.log I also pasted the contents into a PasteBin for you here: pastebin.com/svCGWQPq
    – Rob Earlam
    Commented Sep 7, 2018 at 1:07

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