Is there an option in Sitecore Rocks that makes Sitecore Explorer show the Display Name for an item instead of using the item name? I've looked through the options/right-click menu but I haven't seen anything. The closest thing I have found is right click > Tasks > Set Display Names but that just sets the field and doesn't affect how Sitecore Explorer displays the item.

I'm using Sitecore Rocks version 2.1.86


Short answer is no.

But you can update the code of Sitecore Rocks on GitHub. I have investigated a bit and saw that Sitecore Rocks only uses the item name.

At the namespace Sitecore.Rocks.ContentTrees.Items.ItemTreeViewItem, you will see in the constructor that the Text property used to display on the Content Tree Pane is assigned the item name.

Please see screenshot below

enter image description here

You can change it here. Moreover, I haven't got into deep analysis of the code but from my point of view, this is the start point.

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