We need to create proof of concept that the idea of monitoring the file is feasible in Sitecore by installing a universal forwarder at the Sitecore server that will forward the log to Splunk.

We would need a Sitecore test box/sandbox that we can use where logging is configured. How can we get Sitecore test box/sandbox for our purpose?

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    Have you considered acquiring 60 days trial Sitecore license? sitecore.com/getting-started/developer-trial Once you have that, you could download Sitecore installation and deploy it locally.
    – grg
    Sep 11 '18 at 11:12
  • I tried downloading Sitecore but its giving me error that downloads are only available for certified developers. I'm not. Is there other way I can download the Sitecore for free trial?
    – tidc
    Sep 12 '18 at 9:19
  • Not directly for you question, but Sitecore uses log4net for its logging. It is very vanilla and can be configured to point at any syslog type service. I have used it on Loggly and Sentry.
    – Chris Auer
    Sep 13 '18 at 2:31

There are 3 different solution to this question:

  1. The easiest of all is using Sitecore Test Drive which is a azure hosted sitecore instance already setup with a Demo website. It has been uploaded on Microsoft app store and is available for a limited time.

  2. Signup on eLearning Portal, register for free sitecore eLearning course. In step 2 you will receive a sitecore installer file along with quick overview training.

  3. And the last option is to drop an enquiry to Sitecore Support for getting the evaluation copy along with developer training license for Trial. For more information Visit.

Following document contains information for developers who would like to start on sitecore..


Getting up and running

Some helpful steps when you first want to get started:

Make sure you can log into profile.sitecore.net. This is your key to being able to access so many things in the Sitecore world.

Understand prerequisites with Installing Sitecore 9 blog series. For a video guide, watch Install Sitecore 9 playlist while you follow along.

Download Sitecore 9 today from dev.sitecore.net. Refer to Release information: Instillation Guide for details.

Take a free eLearning course! This free course from Sitecore will guide you through the basics of Sitecore and set you up for future training and certification.

Dig into the Developer Documentation for Sitecore 9. This technical documentation will help you understand more about the platform and the architecture.

See enablement content from the most recent Virtual Developer Day. We'll be sure to reach out when future developer events come around.

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