I am trying to get data in my jss app from search using a solr index with the following query..

menuItem: search(index:"sitecore_breadcrumb_index",

I get only null values during implementation..

            {menuItem.results.items.map((child) => (
                {/* <RouterLink to={child.url}>{child.pageTitle.value}</RouterLink>  */}
                <Text field={child.name} />

Though in query builder I am able to fetch data. Please help. Thanks.

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    Just to double-check: Are your items published and are they showing in the correct index for the site you are looking at? – Jay S Oct 5 at 12:52
  • Definitely check the network tab of your browser on page load, to see what the GraphQL network request payload/response is. If that doesn't help, at a minimum we'll need to know the framework you're using with JSS, and whether you're using integrated or connected GraphQL. – Kam Figy Oct 5 at 20:55
  • I did setup for xGraph query browser and I am able to fetch items with the same search query. More over I am using master database and my index was correct. – Saurav Oct 8 at 5:44

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