How do I set up a goal that uses a rule in Sitecore that only counts those users who have visited two pages in succession? It's important that I exclude all traffic that haven't visited these pages in succession.

For example: - first page visited: www.abc.com/page-1

and then

  • second page visited: www.abc.com/page-2

Why: I am trying to A/B test a Call-to-Action button on the 1st page that links through to the 2nd page. Both pages will get high volumes of traffic to them everyday from other sources so I need to ensure that I only include the traffic who click on the CTA button.

Is the best way to do this in goals or in something else in Sitecore?

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There is an easy way to do this by editing the link of your call to action in sitecore. In the querystring value of the link, enter in: sc_trk=goalname (so if your goal is named "LinkAction1" , then enter sc_trk=LinkAction1) Save and publish that, and it will only trigger that goal if a user clicks that call to action button.

insert link with goal trigger

  • Thank you @-YesIRebootedAlready and this would work for SiteCore 8.2? Also @YesIRebootedAlready - Is there a condition or set of conditions that will achieve the same result in the Create Rule area of a goal? That would be my preference if I was using this sort of goal heavily across the site.
    – Mark
    Oct 9, 2018 at 6:50
  • @Mark This would work for sitecore 8.2. I believe the create rule area of the goal doesn't work in the way you expect. It's used to apply rules after the goal is triggured... it doesn't set the condition for a goal to trigger. To get that type of functionality, it would require some custom pipeline coding. Oct 15, 2018 at 3:14

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