We have a requirement, where we need to migrate Blog Sites in Wordpress to Sitecore. We are using WeBlog Module(Release 3.1) to migrate in Sitecore 8.2

I downloaded the module from GitHub, and followed the instructions to set it up. After setup, when I try to import the XML Export File from Wordpress, using the module from Sitecore, it gets failed. I am not able to see any error on the page.

Can you please let me know, what more I need to do in order to make it work? Also, any leads where I can find the logs will also be very helpful.

Thanks & Regards,
Sharad Kumar Sangal


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It's a known issue: github.com/WeTeam/WeBlog/issues/263

I can suggest this small exe to validate XML:


With help of it you might find what value is a problem for the importer.

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