I have created copy of the Sample Workflow and rename it to (e.g. to) XYZ Default. Then I assigned it to field Default Workflow of all templates. And when I create new item based on template with my XYZ Default workflow, I see the following values in fields:

Workflow: Workflows/XYZ Default State: Workflows/Sample Workflow/Draft Default workflow: Workflows/XYZ Default

Why I see value Workflows/Sample Workflow/Draft in State field, not Workflows/XYZ Default/Draf?

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When you crated a copy of a workflow you copied all fields as well. Your workflow stores Initial workflow state and next steps in a fields. To fix it, go to your new workflow and update fields.

First go to your XYZ Default item and update Initial state field. Then go to each workflow's Command items and update Next state field.


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