I am trying to create a simple Image controller Rendering and I don't want to add the template interface to my page type, because I want to add the image dynamicaly to my site.

So here my "problems" begin.

I've created a simple Controllerrendering with a viewmodel

public class PageImageViewModel
    public HtmlString PageImage { get; set; }

as simple Controller call to my ModelBuilder

public ActionResult PageImage()
    return View(PageImageModelBuilder.GetPageImageViewModel(RenderingContext.Current.Rendering.Item));

and the modelbuilder

public PageImageViewModel GetPageImageViewModel(Item currentItem)
    var model = new PageImageViewModel();
    model.PageImage = new HtmlString(FieldRenderer.Render(currentItem, Templates.PageImage.Fields.Image_FieldName));
    return model;

and the view

@using Bazar.Feature.PageContent
@model Bazar.Feature.PageContent.Models.Models.PageImageViewModel

<div class="">
    <p>Hallo Welt</p>

thats the codeside I think that should work.

and now the sitecore elments

  • I've created a Interface Template for my _PageImage
  • I've created the Controller rendering

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • And I've tried to add this new control to my "Home" view where I've some dynamic placeholders but I don't get the modal where I can choose what Image I want to see.
  • try to add the controller rendering to my page

enter image description here

  • but after that no image selection is opened and the final layout looks like

enter image description here

  • and I can't edit or select the Image enter image description here

  • so far I understand my Problem is the controller rendering has no connection to my Interface Template _PageImage but I don't understand how to get this "connection"?

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The fix

You need to specify a template in the Datasource Template field of your controller rendering. This is the field that tells Sitecore to prompt an editor to select a data source when adding a rendering.

Image of Datasource Location and Datasource Template fields

A cool feature

Sitecore will take template inheritance into account when allowing you to select data sources, which means that you'll be able to select any item that has a base template of the one you select here (e.g. _PageImage).

Another recommendation

Additionally, it's good practice to specify the location under which data sources can be found by putting that path in the Datasource Location field:

enter image description here

  • When this is the simple fix, what would be the right approach or is there no right or wrong Commented Oct 14, 2018 at 6:08
  • 1
    This is the right approach. Sorry if my wording was unclear. I'll remove the "simple." Commented Oct 14, 2018 at 13:47

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