I've installed Solr & Sitecore 9 using the following tutorials/scripts and now my CPU usage is at 100 percent, stemming mostly from Java and XConnectSearchIndexer as per the screenshot. Has anybody got any information on what might be the issue here? A colleague of mine also followed the same installation procedure and is facing the same issue.

Tutorials/Scripts used:

Image of my Task Manager

Thanks, Jack


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I have used this tutorial: http://www.jondjones.com/learn-sitecore-cms/sitecore-developers-guide/sitecore-getting-with-sitecore-development/how-to-install-solr-for-sitecore no issues with this.

For Sitecore 9.0.2 I used this configuration of Instal-Solr.ps1:

    $solrVersion = "6.6.5",
    $installFolder = "d:\solr",
    $solrPort = "8983",
    $solrHost = "solr.lh",
    $solrSSL = $true,
    $nssmVersion = "2.24",
    $JREVersion = "1.8.0_191"

For some reason, this "bug" was only occurring once I'd used NSSM to create the service, if I install SOLR and start it manually, it works without any problems, so that's what I've resorted to doing in this scenario.

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