In the Experience Analytics, none of the "Offline Channel" reports are showing any graphs for our site. All the reports show - "No data to display".

Aquisition - Channels - Offline - Offline
Aquisition - Channels - Offline - Offline channels by visits and value per visit
Aquisition - Channels - Offline - Offline channels by value
Aquisition - Channels - Offline - Offline channels by conversion
Aquisition - Channels - Offline - All channels groups

Our site is www.example.com. If there is another site abc.com or a facebook page which has a link to our site, then these two sites are offline channels. Is my understanding correct.

Is there any configuration to be done like a goal creation, for these graphs to show up, or just having a link on another site is enough for the analytics to work.

Using Sitecore 8.2 update 5

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Offline channels are, by definition, not online. Some examples of this would be direct mail campaigns with a QR code, telemarketing, a physical event like a trade show, etc.

See Sitecore's documentation for more information:


In order to get traffic to appear in your Offline Channel reports, you will need to associate your content with some of these offline channels.

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