When using the JSS Layout Service with my Angular application, I notice that if I add personalized content to my component, the response (and display) I get back from the Layout service depends on a certain flag. [{pageEditing: true, site: {name: "portal.local"}, pageState: "normal", language: "en"}]

If this value is false, my personalization seems to work. If true, it shows some generic HTML content (code). I notice I can control this flag by logging out of the Sitecore instance.

Is there a programmatic way to always request the pageEditing=false version from my app? I understand that the experience editor needs to show the content so it needs to handle both. Thank you.

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This behavior is due to being logged into Sitecore and browsing your JSS app in the same browser instance (even if they're separate tabs they share cookies).

I would suggest browsing to your app in an incognito window or separate browser.

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  • Perfect...company policies do not allow incognito windows but a separate Edge browser did the trick. Thanks for the extremely quick response Adam!
    – Toby Nunn
    Commented Oct 24, 2018 at 18:40

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