I want to know is there any way to create new items in sitecore using the powershell with data from excel sheet


Should be fairly simple. You can use the PowerShell Import-CSV command to load a CSV file in:

$importRows = Import-CSV "C:\path-to-your-file\import-data.csv"

Then you can enumerate through that and create the items using the New-Item command. This example assumes a field name in the CSV of ItemName. For speed you probably want to wrap this in a BulkUpdateContext

New-UsingBlock (New-Object Sitecore.Data.BulkUpdateContext)
    foreach ($row in $importRows)
        $itemName = $row.ItemName
        $newItem = New-Item -Path "master:\content\parent-item" -Name $itemName -ItemType <Set the template path & name>
        # Now you can edit the $newItem and set some field values too

That should get you started.


Follow these steps.

  1. Go to admin site by accessing this link "myproducts/sitecore" site using proper credentials
  2. Create a template e.g. products with columns you mentioned -Product Name -Product Title - Product Description enter image description here

  3. Now configure powershell in your sitecore instance if not done already. See below link.


Running PowerShell scripts without using Sitecore PowerShell Extensions module

  1. Once installed properly Go to powershell from sitecore admin site

  2. Follow instruction given above by Richard.

    $row in Richard's solution above will give you access to entire row at a time.

  3. Create items based on templates you created under designated path of your content tree

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