I'm using Sitecore 8.2 Update 7 and I'm trying to restrict access to my Sitecore Content Editors. One of them wants to run a content test using the built-in testing controls. When I go to "Create a test", I can see the options of Percentage of Visitors to Expose to Test, and Confidence Level. My content editor does not see those 2 options. What role do I need to give that content editor so that they have the ability to set those options as well.

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    Should be "Authoring" or "Analytics Advanced Testing" role. Add one of these role to their account. Commented Nov 19, 2018 at 22:26

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Content Testing has associated roles to allow different capabilities. Per the Experience Optimization and Content Testing FAQ:

There are several security roles that provide access to different levels of functionality in Experience Optimization.

Authoring – enables the creation, running, and editing of tests. You typically assign this role to content authors and marketers.

Analytics Advanced Testing – contains the same access as the Authoring role, plus additional tabs and controls. You typically assign this role to marketing analysts.

Analytics Management Reporting – has full access to all content testing dashboards and historical reports and cannot create tests. You typically assign this role to marketing directors.

You can also add security roles to individual users to give them access to Experience Optimization.

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