SC 9.0.1

Unicorn 4.0.4

To reproduce this error:

  1. Create a new template with a checkbox field marked shared
  2. Create a standard values item for this template and set this checkbox to checked
  3. Create an item that's tracked in unicorn that uses this template
  4. Uncheck the checkbox in the particular instance of the item
  5. Add and commit it to GIT (you'll see the yml has the field change)
  6. Use field reset to reset the unchecked box back to the standard value of checked
  7. Do a git reset --hard to remove the yml file change
  8. Unicorn sync and see that the item is still using standard values despite the yml directing it to uncheck the checkbox
  9. Delete the item entirely
  10. Do another git reset --hard to bring back the yml file
  11. Run another unicorn sync and see that the item is properly brought back with the checkbox unchecked instead of the standard value as we would expect

Would this be a unicorn bug? Has anyone ran into this and solved it before?

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