I am trying to install Sitecore 9.1 in local environment but i am getting below issues while running the installation script. I have executed the Prerequisite.json too. Has anyone come across below issue when installing sitecore 9.1.

[--------------------------------- XConnectXP0_CleanShards : Command -------------------------------------------------] [ShardingTool - Clean]:[Path] C:\inetpub\wwwroot\xp91.xconnect\App_Data\collectiondeployment\Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Da tabase.SqlShardingDeploymentTool.exe Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Database.SqlShardingDeploymentTool.exe : At C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\SitecoreInstallFramework\2.0.0\Public\Tasks\Invoke-CommandTask.ps1:31 char:13 + & $Path $Arguments | Out-Default + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:String) [], RemoteException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. at Sitecore.Xdb.Collection.Database.SqlShardingDeploymentTool.Program.Main(String[] args)

Install-SitecoreConfiguration : Command C:\inetpub\wwwroot\xp91.xconnect\App_Data\collectiondeployment\Sitecore.Xdb.Col lection.Database.SqlShardingDeploymentTool.exe returned a non-zero exit code - (255) At C:\installation\Sitecore installers\Sitecore9.1\Setup\XP0-SingleDeveloper.ps1:74 char:1 + Install-SitecoreConfiguration @singleDeveloperParams *>&1 | Tee-Objec ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Install-SitecoreConfiguration

Note: I have installed sitecore 9.0.2 earlier without any issues in local environment.

Update1 I'm able to resolve the above issue after installing the sp2. Earlier i have not restarted the machine after instaling the service pack2 that's why i have the above issue. Not it's resolved.

I'm getting below error when installation script is running. This happens when installation script tries to start IndexWorker service.

Application: XConnectSearchIndexer.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException
at System.AppDomain.CreateInstanceAndUnwrap(System.String, System.String) at Sitecore.XConnect.Search.Indexer.IndexerAppDomainHost.CreateAppDomainAndIndexer() at Sitecore.XConnect.Search.Indexer.IndexerAppDomainHost.Start() at Sitecore.XConnect.Search.Indexer.Service.OnStart(System.String[])
at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(System.Object) at System.Runtime.ExceptionServices.ExceptionDispatchInfo.Throw()
at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.Run(System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase[]) at Sitecore.XConnect.Search.Indexer.Program.RunAsService() at Sitecore.XConnect.Search.Indexer.Program.InitializeConfigurationAndRun(System.Action) at Sitecore.XConnect.Search.Indexer.Program.Main(System.String[])

Faulting application name: XConnectSearchIndexer.exe, version:, time stamp: 0xa35f4561 Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.14393.2608, time stamp: 0x5bd1340d Exception code: 0xe0434352 Fault offset: 0x0000000000034048 Faulting process id: 0xb0c Faulting application start time: 0x01d48acc9f5bc6e9 Faulting application path: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\xp91.xconnect\App_Data\jobs\continuous\IndexWorker\XConnectSearchIndexer.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\KERNELBASE.dll Report Id: 355d4902-db91-45e1-af6e-2dcc8072a915 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:

  • Which OS do you use? Can you run Windows Update and make sure that everything is up to date? Can you append your ps1 install script to your question? Nov 30, 2018 at 18:54
  • Just out of curiosity do you have latest version of VS2017 on that machine? Check my blog post with installation instructions tothecore.sk/2018/11/28/… . It went without any problem for me. Nov 30, 2018 at 18:56
  • Are you using SQL Server 2016 SP2 or SQL Server 2017? Nov 30, 2018 at 19:33
  • Yes i installed SQL server 2016 update2 enterprise edition.
    – arjunan
    Dec 3, 2018 at 4:41
  • 1
    @PeterProcházka yes i have already installed vs 2017. i am following your post to install sitecore9.1
    – arjunan
    Dec 3, 2018 at 4:42

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I have seen this on machines that need a reboot following the running of the prerequisites.json.

The last task of prerequites.json should tell you if a reboot is required.

They are usually needed if any of the .net frameworks are installed, as they are only finalised when you reboot.


Don’t be mistaken for the "localhost" to automatically get the SQL instance.

enter image description here

Make sure you have .Net Core SKD installed. (not sure, but it was supposed to done by the prerequisites)

This may also occur when you are running another Server on your machine like XAMPP server.

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