I use the following block of code to generate the links of media items in a specific language:

    Sitecore.Links.UrlOptions urlOptions = Sitecore.Links.LinkManager.GetDefaultUrlOptions();
    urlOptions.AlwaysIncludeServerUrl = true;
    urlOptions.Language = Language.Parse(item.Lang);
    string lnk = Sitecore.Links.LinkManager.GetItemUrl(pdfItem, urlOptions);

linkfield.Url = lnk;

The link generated looks like this:


My problem is it keeps redirecting me to the last language version i clicked on. It seems to be a cache problem because when i click the link opening my media, if the pdf opened in a new window is in the wrong language, i just need to refresh the page and then the pdf appears in the right language.

Did i miss some useful options in my urlOptions object ?

  • Have you tried using the Sitecore.Resources.Media.MediaManager.GetMediaUrl() method to generate your media links instead? Commented Dec 6, 2018 at 15:04

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For media items you should use the MediaManager to generate links instead of the LinkManager. The MediaManager will return a link to the actual media item.

var urlOptions = new MediaUrlOptions();
urlOptions.Language = Language.Parse(item.Lang)                
var lnk = MediaManager.GetMediaUrl(item);

Try including the LanguageEmbedding option in your UrlOptions:

urlOptions.LanguageEmbedding = LanguageEmbedding.Always;

That should result in a URL that has the language in the querystring, like so:


  • Thank you for your help. Unfortunately the language still does not appear in the querystring. Do you know what might cause this problem ?
    – Slrg
    Commented Dec 6, 2018 at 14:30
  • Do you have different settings specified for your link provider in the config? You can check by going to /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx and searching for Sitecore.Links.LinkProvider. The attribute to look for is languageEmbedding. Commented Dec 6, 2018 at 15:01

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