enter image description hereenter image description hereI am learning L300 module in sitecore commerce 9.0.2. By default there is habitat_master catalog in sitecore commerce (CMS) to create any eCommerce site. In L300 training module it is explained how to create a site in sitecore commerce. Sitecore commerce engine is extended in L300. There are 10 modules in L300. At the end of module 9 I got my habitat_master catalog missing. I found that my sitecoreidentityserver serivces in IIS are getting stopped whenever there is any request to sitecore commerce due to which i can not see habitat_catalog in CMS. Any idea why its happening and how to bring back habitat_master catalog??

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I would check the Event Log for more information, but I've seen this as a general issue with ASP.NET applications where requests to the application will cause the AppPool to stop because it's improperly configured.

Usually, it's that the AppPool is configured to run under a different account and that account either:

  1. was deleted, or
  2. has an incorrect password set in IIS

I agree with Dan on getting rid of frequent crash of appPool. Also do a system restart after this. For bringing back the catalog refer- Sitecore commerce storefront not showing catalog- [No catalog data available] and "Invalid catalog Id"


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