Could somebody please explain to me how to manipulate publishing restrictions from a code. I would like to be able to mark some certain versions as Publishable/NonPublishable in a similar way as it could be done in PublishingSettings window: enter image description here

In API, I can see few methods, which looks like similar to this functionality available in UI, however their signatures are not very self-explaining. For instance there is something like:

myItem.Versions.GetLatestVersion().Publishing.IsPublishable(DateTime date, bool checkAncestors)

or myItem.Versions.GetLatestVersion().Publishing.NeverPublish, which obviously is not what I need.

We are lucky to have Sitecore 7.5 and I couldn't find anything relevant on SDN (maybe checked wrong documents though)

Thanks in advance.

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It is HideVersion field which you want to use, e.g.:

var itemVersions = item.Versions.GetVersions();

var notPublishableVersion = itemVersions[i];
notPublishableVersion[FieldIDs.HideVersion] = "1";

var publishableVersion = itemVersions[j];
publishableVersion[FieldIDs.HideVersion] = string.Empty;

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