How do I add new data to the Sitecore Launchpad similar to the graphs below the launchpad tiles?

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The way to do this is to create a rendering in the Core database and add it to the Launchpad application's presentation details using Sitecore Rocks.

Note: this has only been tested on Sitecore 8.1 update-3, though it's likely to work with other versions.

Add a rendering in the Core database

  1. In the core database, add a new controller rendering below /sitecore/client/Applications/Launchpad/PageSettings/Renderings (template is at /System/Layouts/Controller rendering)
  2. Fill in the necessary fields for your rendering (Controller, Controller Action, Area, etc.)

Update Launchpad to include your new rendering

  1. In Sitecore Rocks' Sitecore Explorer, open the Core database and right-click on the /sitecore/client/Applications/Launchpad item
  2. Select Tasks -> Design Layout from the context menu

    Note: At this point, you need to decide where on the Launchpad you would like to add the component. I decided to put mine to the right of the main dashboard of tiles (LaunchTiles).

  3. Select ColumnPanel1, find the GridColumns property, and change it to 9

  4. Select the LaunchTiles rendering below ColumnPanel1 and click the Add Rendering button in the top left corner of the tab

    add rendering button

  5. In the resultant dialog, find and select the ColumnPanel rendering and click OK

  6. After you ensure that your new rendering (ColumnPanel2) is selected, find the PlaceholderKey property and change its value to RowPanel1.Content
  7. Click the Add Rendering button again, this time finding and selecting your new rendering and clicking OK
  8. After you ensure that your custom rendering is selected, update its PlaceholderKey property value to ColumnPanel2.Content
  9. Click Save

For the full details and an example rendering, check out the blog post.

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