We have been trying to change Referrer Policy to 'no-referrer' but no luck. Below are the following approaches we followed for quick verification:

  1. Adding the following tag in head section of SXALayout.cshtml

enter image description here

  1. Adding the meta tag in one of the HTML Snippet item under Settings -> HTML Snippets

enter image description here

  • I would say option 1 should never ever be done. Ever. Option two doesn't appear to be correct either. Look into adding custom HTML to the meta data partial design. Please post your solution once you get it working. – Michael West Jan 4 '19 at 10:51
  • @MichaelWest, it worked. Thanks a lot. Is there a way, that we can validate referer header with SXA OOB features. Kindly let me know – Manideep Yechuri Jan 4 '19 at 11:07
  • Great. Please answer your own question. Later you can mark it as the accepted answer. – Michael West Jan 4 '19 at 11:49

It started working by using Custom Html component (datasource - HTML Snippet) of Metadata partial design. Thanks a lot @MichaelWest

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