Can Anyone help writing a PS script to get the item list where the latest version on web db is different than master

  • What have you tried so far? Can you post an example of your code attempt(s)? – Dan Sinclair Jan 7 '19 at 12:25
  • I am able to get all the child items and loop through the items to get the web and master db version of the file. I am not able to get the version of individual items. – Deepak Jena Jan 7 '19 at 12:43
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    The objects have a property called Version. – Michael West Jan 7 '19 at 12:53
  • @MichaelWest : I got it while debugging, I am very new to power-shell. Thanks for your help !! I have prepared the script ! – Deepak Jena Jan 7 '19 at 13:25
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    @user1621791 if you have an answer, please post it as an answer here so that others may benefit from it in the future. – Richard Seal Jan 7 '19 at 14:01

As Richard Seal mentioned, the answer may benefit others in future who refer this question.

$masterdatabase = "master"
$webdatabase = "web"
$root = Get-Item -Path (@{$true="$($masterdatabase):\content\home"; $false="$($masterdatabase):\content"}[(Test-Path -Path "$($masterdatabase):\content\home")])

$props = @{
    Parameters = @(
        @{Name="root"; Title="Choose the report root"; Tooltip="Only items from this root will be returned."; }
    Title = "comparison Report"
    Description = "Choose the criteria for the report."
    Width = 550
    Height = 300
    ShowHints = $true
    Icon = [regex]::Replace($PSScript.Appearance.Icon, "Office", "OfficeWhite", [System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegexOptions]::IgnoreCase)

$result = Read-Variable @props

if($result -eq "cancel") {

filter Where-comparereport {

    if ($item) {
        $masteritem = $item.Versions.GetLatestVersion().Statistics.Revision

        $webitem = [Sitecore.Data.Database]::GetDatabase($webdatabase).GetItem($item.Id)

        $webitemnumber = $webitem.Versions.GetLatestVersion().Statistics.Revision

        if (!$masteritem.Equals($webitemnumber)) {

$items = @($root) + @(($root.Axes.GetDescendants() | Initialize-Item)) | Where-comparereport

if($items.Count -eq 0) {
    Show-Alert "There are no content items that is different from web and master database"
} else {
    $props = @{
        Title = "Item versions difference Report"
        InfoTitle = "Items that the latest version on web db is different than master"
        InfoDescription = "Items that the latest version on web db is different than master"
        PageSize = 25

    $items |
        Show-ListView @props -Property @{Label="Icon"; Expression={$_.__Icon} },
            @{Label="Name"; Expression={$_.DisplayName} },
            @{Label="Updated"; Expression={$_.__Updated} },
            @{Label="Updated by"; Expression={$_."__Updated by"} },
            @{Label="Created"; Expression={$_.__Created} },
            @{Label="Created by"; Expression={$_."__Created by"} },
            @{Label="Path"; Expression={$_.ItemPath} }

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I've created a button in the ribbon to check items that are different, and to do so I've made a little change to the very first line, now I can click on any item and have a report of all children that needs to be published

$currentItemPath = get-location
$masterdatabase = "master"
$webdatabase = "web"
$root = Get-Item -Path (@{$true="$currentItemPath"; $false="$($masterdatabase):\content"}
[(Test-Path -Path "$currentItemPath")])
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