I've got a field in my template of type Time, the template is published and I've entered a value in my item but I'm not getting a value in my datasource.

I've tried DateTime and TimeSpan for the property type but all I get is default(T)

public virtual DateTime TimeOfDay {get;set;}

public virtual TimeSpan TimeOfDay {get;set;}

I've published the item and the template.

If I get the raw item via Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem(...) I can see the field has a value, so it's entered and published properly, just not mapping. I've Googled but can't see anything relating to the Time field type.

What am I missing? How do I get the value to map to the glass model?

  • I'm not familiar with a Time field type. Is it a custom implementation? Jan 21, 2019 at 13:04

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This is a custom field. You can check this by going to core:/sitecore/system/Field types and looking at the field in question. It will most likely have a namespace that is part of your codebase in the assembly and class fields. What you need is a glass custom field mapper, this blog post explains it quite well...


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