There is a new cool feature called Enroll contacts from list in Sitecore 9.1:

enter image description here

I'm wondering where the actual logic resists (which assembly and class). I'm going to utilize this functionality by defining a Sitecore task for this procedure.

Of course, I'm familiar with Sitecore documentation about Marketing Automation Operations API, but I would like to see the original solution here :) + maybe I can use some already existing method for that. So, I don't need to maintain my own code.

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The actual logic for where contacts are enrolled into Automation Plans is contained in the Sitecore.Marketing.Automation.Client.dll. The name space to look for Sitecore.Marketing.Automation.Client.Controllers.AutomationPlansController.Enroll which calls a private method.

BatchSeedPlanRequestResult planRequestResult = await automationPlansController.EnrollFromContactList(campaignId, enrollContactsFromListViewModel.ContactListId).ConfigureAwait(false);

That private method does the work of seeding the list with contacts from a list.


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