Maybe this is a stupid question, but to which app service do I deploy my code to?

The Sitecore Azure Toolkit has deployed XP Scaled with the following Web Apps

  • foobar-acc-cd
  • foobar-acc-cm
  • foobar-acc-ma-ops
  • foobar-acc-ma-rep
  • foobar-acc-prc
  • foobar-acc-rep
  • foobar-acc-xc-collect
  • foobar-acc-xc-refdata
  • foobar-acc-xc-search

This has given me a bit of an option paralysis.


You would deploy your main Sitecore application code to the Content Management and the Content Delivery app instances. Based on your list that would be:

  • foobar-acc-cd
  • foobar-acc-cm

If you do have any custom code for processing xDB data, you may also need to deploy to the processing instance, which looks like

  • foobar-acc-prc

in your list.

Update from comments:

As mentioned in the comments below, there are scenarios where you might need to deploy models/dlls to the xConnect services too.

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