We're using Sitecore 9 for a greenfield project. One of the topics of discussion is whether or not we want to use EE vs. Headless. I'm not going to ask the pros vs cons of using one over the other, I have experience and done plenty of reading on that.

However, from my reading on JSS, it would seem that it's possible to have a mix of the two if you so desired. Some parts could have full EE support, but some parts can be completely headless if desired. Is that right, or is there something I'm missing that would prevent this?


As long as your app is capable of server-side rendering (SSR) then you can render it on a Sitecore CM server and use Experience Editor (EE) to edit it.

Beyond that, your app can live on a Node.js server somewhere (separate from Sitecore) and consume Layout Service data for rendering.

That said, you are not able to use Experience Editor in a headless fashion. In other words, Experience Editor requires a Sitecore instance as it is very much a Sitecore-bound application.

The Application Modes section of the JSS docs might provide further insights: https://jss.sitecore.com/docs/fundamentals/application-modes

Essentially, your app would run in Integrated Mode on the CM server in order to enable EE management. Then you could use either Headless SSR Mode or API only mode to run your app headlessly. With your app fetching Layout Service data from a Sitecore CD.

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