Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1 rev. 160519.

I add a custom processor to the RenderLayout Pipeline to identify contacts.


ContextUserName adds a custom processor to the userResolver Pipeline and gets it from the email address of SAMLToken of Active Directory Federation Service.

Several users have a Successor field when checking contact data.

If you are identifying with the same ContextUserName, you can not make new contacts, so I do not think that you can do Successor data.

Why will Successor be created by accessing the site with the same ContextUserName?

When several people access the site from the same PC? Or when you accessed the site from multiple PCs? Or is it another case?

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Successor field is added during contact merge operation. Contact merge is started when initially anonymous website visitor becomes identified. In that case the old contact get Successor set to the id of the new contact which will be used from now on. You can read more contact identification process. If you don't want contacts to contain Successor field, I would ensure that Identify is called in all sessions, ie. no anonymous contacts are saved.

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    – m.kawasaki
    Feb 8, 2019 at 10:02
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