The instructions for configuring a sub-provider for the Sitecore Identity Server (https://doc.sitecore.com/developers/91/sitecore-experience-management/en/use-the-sitecore-identity-server-as-a-federation-gateway.html) tell you to create a Sitecore Framework Plugin-based project in Visual Studio. Where can I find the source for this project template or further instructions as to how to create this type of project?


Sitecore Support responded to a ticket I opened with this question. They outlined three steps for creating the project.

  1. Create a new Class Library project
  2. Add a reference to Sitecore.Framework.Runtime.Build. Set the attribute PrivateAssets to All.
  3. Add references to other dependencies as needed:
    • Add Sitecore.Framework.Runtime.Commands to enable commands in your plugin
    • Add Sitecore.Framework.Runtime.Abstractions to enable using runtime abstractions in your plugin
    • Add references to other plugins if you build on features already in a plugin

I also think the information on creating Sitecore Host Plugins is applicable.

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