After following the configuration steps of the Creative Exchange Live, I'm trying to run the gulp tasks through Visual Studio Code but it is throwing a certificate error when uploading:

[17:51:24] Starting 'watch-gulp'...

upload failed:Error: unable to verify the first certificate

I'm pointing to an HTTPS instance with self-signed certificate. Versions: Sitecore 9.1, SXA 1.8, node.js 10.15.0

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Solved this by using

strictSSL: false

in every file upload/delete post/get because I'm using a self-signed certificate.

I changed the following files in the gulp\util folder inside the theme root folder: - requestChangeFile.js - requestChangeTemplate.js - requestDeleteFile.js

search for 'url: url' and add to the request get/post call the parameter 'strictSSL: false'. Example:

            url: url,
            formData: formData,
            strictSSL: false 
        }, function(err, httpResponse, body) { 

I've found this solution in https://stackoverflow.com/a/41986721/1728196

"setting strictSSL to false will not force request package to validate the certificate"

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